What is trivia night?

Trivia Night is the perfect event to satisfy your boredom and emptiness at home. You are required to pay five dollars to us which will be donated away to Makeda. (Please read Miracle for Makeda if haven’t) You will be able to compete against strangers along with your friends. Get ready for some fun trivia and the final reward if you win against all opponents!
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When is it?

We will be hosting the Trivia Night at:
You will need experts from all fields, science, math, language, history and face even harder questions that will deplete all of your brain cells! Of course, you can also watch your opponents struggle as you and your teammates finish each round with ease! Don’t worry, this is not any traditional trivia that you had seen before and we promise to you a whole lot of fun!

What is it about?

Our Goal

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We endorse everybody! As long as you are able to use your technology to join the trivia, then you are all set. We encourage you to gather as much of your friends as possible. Technically, the more people you have the higher chance of you winning. Which means you can share the reward amongst you and your friends!