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Local Projects

Bee Project

Bee Project

Bees are crucial to our communities. They improve pollination of plants, leading to greater yield of organic vegetable production. As the bee population decreases, our diets and health are directly affected. Without bees, we do not have organic and natural foods, causing us to eat food farmed with pesticides. Long-term pesticide exposure can lead to serious health issues, like Parkinson's disease.

Sustainable Food Systems Project

Locally-produced food reduces our ecological footprint and the emission rate of pollution in our atmosphere. This may seem trivial, but if everyone commits to it, we can create a significant change. With self-produced food, we can also be certain that we are eating safe and organic foods. Developing sustainable local farming systems can not only slow climate change, but also improve our immune systems against diseases.

Contributing to Cancer Research

Global Projects

We all know or know of someone who has or is being affected by cancer. we aspire to help fund cancer research in hopes of contributing to this cause that will save so many lives. 

Solar and Tech in Ethiopia

Although this global project may seem impossible, we believe that we can make it happen. This project is extremely impactful to people who live across the globe, and we want to help both children and teachers to be part of a good  education system with reliable technology as an aide. Our goal here is to help communities in developing countries gain access to the resources we have plenty of, and to provide them with opportunities for a brighter future.

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