Local Projects

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Food Service DTES

Every week, we prepare coffee and small snacks, like donuts and cookies, to deliver to homeless people in Vancouver Downtown Eastside. Our success in fundraisers allows us to purchase the food and coffee that we donate. Moreover, as winter approaches, we began to collect clothing and blanket donations from generous donors to hand out alongside the food and coffee.

National Projects

We all know or know of someone who has or is being affected by cancer. We aspire to help fund cancer research in hopes of contributing to this cause that will save so many lives. In doing so, we will participate in the Tough Mudder obstacle race to raise money.

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Global Projects

Solar and Tech in Ethiopia

Before COVID, we were brainstorming how to acquire and build solar powered educational devices, like laptops, tablets and calculators and make them available in areas without reliable power sources. As some companies race to make the internet easily available everywhere in the world we hope to make communities prepared by providing them with the devices required to have access.

Building Library 

Our aim to  support Hibret School build a library in Debre-Zeit, Ethiopia, is a milestone to improving resources for students. Impact Initiative hosted a talent-show fundraiser in December, 2019 towards this goal, and it was a huge success.