As a part of the Miracle for Makeda campaign, Impact is selling beautiful and fragrant herb and vegetable boxes for your home garden. Choose a selection of herbs and vegetables to be assembled just for you. We take care of packaging and delivery. And as you watch your little garden grow, you can know that hope has grown for Makeda too, for each leaf that sprouts are an inch towards getting her the clinical trial she needs to save her.


To make up your own kit, you are allowed to choose four herbs/vegetables from the collection we offer. Complete the order form below, and we will deliver it to you within two weeks of your order.

PACkage options


Basil, Parsley, Mint, Thyme

"The joyful presence of nature is the clear direction to the presence of love." - Robbie George


Nantes Carrot, Red Radish, Lettuce

We "carrot" about you <3

Both packages include a blooming manual + soluble plant fertilizer


  • Choose 4 from a selection of herbs / vegetables.

  • Packages are $30 each (4 pots). 

  • Complete order form.

  • We deliver within two weeks of your order. 

  • Enjoy your plant as a symbol hope for a young girl in our community!

100% Beginner Friendly!